Stretch Your Canada Day Beer Purchase Further With a Member Benefit Discount

Canada Day Beer Fridge Title
New craft fridge at Pacific Liquor Store in Fleetwood

As you may be aware, part of your membership goes directly towards lobbying against price increases, lobbying for consumer choice and pushing for more fair legislation through actions of the BC CAMRA executive. Being a group of consumers, we have a collective voice (and collective purchasing power) and given time and effort we will continue to be heard and understood around issues that concern us as a holistic consumer group.  At the CAMRA South Fraser branch, we are also working on some localized advocacy for the future that I think will excite you. We want to tackle important things like clean lines, fresh beer, clean glasses and clear serving sizes, which are all important topics to the beer consumer. We are committed to making some progress on these throughout the year, through many different strategies that we will elaborate on as the year progresses. For now though, sometimes it’s good to focus on certain direct impacts like the cost of beer and that is why we wanted to highlight some local benefits.

Certain establishments are kind enough to pass on a Member Benefit discount to our current active CAMRA Members in order to attract our business as craft beer enthusiasts and increase the presence of beer aficionados in their customer base. With home and rental prices going up everywhere in the South Fraser region, having the ability to stretch your dollar even further is becoming a more and more pertinent consumer issue amongst members. Risings costs of craft beer in general partly due to taxation, hop prices and transportation costs increases have certainly put more financial pressure on the average beer consumer. For this upcoming Canada Day weekend we wanted to remind you that the following licensed liquor establishments (listed below) offer up a deal exclusive to you as a member so you can responsibly enjoy your long weekend; and perhaps try something local and something new while you are at it!

Surrey Area:

Pacific Liquor Store (Fleetwood) – they just installed a new massive open beer fridge for single bottle products and give 10% off craft beer purchases to members. Cold refrigerated storage of beer will help ensure it stays fresher for a longer period of time, so this is very exciting to see in our region and is a first.

Big Ridge Liquor Store – offers 10% off craft beer

Central City Brew Pub & Liquor Store Liquor – offers 5% off craft beer

Clover Crossing Liquor Store – offers 5% off craft beer

The Fin Liquor Store – offers 10% off craft beer

Guildford Station Liquor Store – offers 5% off craft beer, 10% off when you buy 6+ bombers

Robin Hood Liquor Store – offers 10% off craft beer

Maple Ridge:

Firefly Fine Wines and Ales – offers 10% off craft beer


Whatcom Wine & Spirits – offers 10% off craft beer


B’s Craft Beer Lounge – Monday & Tuesday Flight Upgrade

Dublin Crossing Pub –15% off appetizers

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